date sep 2020 location manchester, england moved to manchester covid made this year a bit less exciting than previous ones. the business saw just as much success as usual though. with people spending more time at home, it makes sense to why a business like streamshark would flourish. we did…


Three years

date aug 2019 location medellin, colombia three year mark around three years had passed since i launched streamshark. this felt like a big milestone. we had come such a long way since that first project and shoddy looking website i made with wix.



date dec 2019 location southampton, england got a puppy i came home for christmas to see some family and i was a little bit exhausted from the constant travelling too. i was at dinner with my parents and we were talking about dogs. the next day i travelled to leicester…



date oct 2019 location new york, united states moved to new york city from colombia, i decided to jump on a plane to new york. i didn’t intend on spending too much time there, maybe just a month. i remembered the last time i was there and the motivation the…



date sep 2019 location medellin, colombia developed a new website whilst in colombia, i met with a guy who was an seo specialist. after a chat we decided that it was best to start from scratch with the website that i had made myself years before. i collaborated with him…



date jul 2019 location medellin, colombia moved to colombia i moved to medellin for a while as i had heard great things about the city. even without any spanish, i had a fantastic time. the weather was perfect, the coffee was great and the coworking spaces were some of the…



date may 2019 location rivera maya, mexico ceased operations with amazon i had sold over 5,000 units of my product by now. however there was a few things i disliked about working with amazon. i was not protected by hijackers who would take over my listing and sell a similar…



date aug 2018 location edinburgh, scotland invested in more crypto i was fascinated with the potential of crypto and that stretched beyond bitcoin by this point. there was a crazy ico boom at the end of the previous year and that made me wary of a lot of coins. i…



date jan 2018 location southampton, england reached 1,000 customers reaching round numbers always has a nice psychological effect and getting to four figures felt really good. what got us to this point was quality work, smart marketing and creating designs that were unique compared to competitors. i wanted to keep…



date apr 2018 location edinburgh, scotland moved to edinburgh i got the itch to move again so went to edinburgh for a year. it was okay.